Verizon begins selling Galaxy Note Edge off-contract for $150 less than rival carriers

galaxyedge 2

It’s hard to think of $800 for a phone as a bargain, but that’s sort of the case with Verizon's version of the Galaxy Note Edge.

The curvy variant of Samsung’s popular Note line is finally headed to Verizon, and it’s $150 less expensive than what you’d pay at AT&T, and cheaper than other carriers for the unlocked price. The closest is Sprint, which sells it for $840.

If you’re opting for a subsidy, the two-year contract price will still set you back $400, the same as the other major carriers.

The story behind the story: We first got our hands on the Galaxy Note Edge at the IFA conference in Berlin. It’s certainly an impressive work of engineering, but its utility is highly suspect. Unless you want an awkward feeling phone with an always-on ticker lurched over the side, just get a Galaxy Note 4 instead.

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