Google's latest gifts to Android games: New APIs to thwart cheaters, save progress and more

google play games icon

Google wants to end the frustration that comes from racking up a great score in a game, only to see you’re millions of points behind someone who figured out how to cheat their way to the top.

Leaderboard Tamper Protection is a new tool for Android developers targeted at ending this practice. It’s one of many new APIs Google is offering game developers who want to improve the Android gaming experience.

Another new plugin makes it easier for developers to let you save your progress. This way if you’re interrupted by a phone call or need to jump into another app, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. 

Several other plugins lighten the load for first-time game makers who want to add Google Play Games and other new features to their titles. 

The story behind the story: Games are always a popular category among mobile apps, so the more fun and social features Google can include, the more new games you may be tempted to check out. Google Play Games is designed to build a community around Android games. It gives you a gamer profile, much like you'd have on an Xbox or PlayStation, and tracks your scores and key achievements. It also compares this data to your Google+ friends, suggesting new games and buddies. 

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