Sound off on the latest live stream with YouTube's new chat feature

youtube logo idge

Google tucked real-time chat into its recent Material Design-inspired overhaul of YouTube for Android. Chat has been around YouTube live streams on the web for a while, but this is the first appearance in a mobile app. 

If the video owner enables it, you’ll see a button at the bottom of the page alerting you to the chat stream. Just touch that and you can see other comments pop up and then add your own. On smartphones it only works in portrait mode, as landscape mode enlarges the video to fill the entire screen.

youtube live chat

View and participate in live chats while watching a live stream.

On tablets, however, you can follow the chat and watch the video simultaneously from landscape mode. It moves the chat to the right side with the expanded video on the left. It’s a nice feature, although YouTube comments are generally not known for their sophisticated discourse.

The impact on you: The addition of YouTube live chats to the Android app means you no longer have to find your computer to follow along with real-time comments. Google wants to make sure you can get the full YouTube experience on Android, given that so much media consumption is moving to tablets and smartphones.

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