Signs that it's time to ask Santa for a new phone

the list need a new phone

Holidays are around the corner, and you’re probably wondering what shiny new gadgets will be peeking out of your stocking. May we suggest...a new Android phone?

Face it: Your phone looks like it’s been secretly attending Phone Fight Club. The screen is so cracked that your fingers are starting to bleed. You haven’t even bothered to check if your phone will get Android 5.0, because you haven't even gotten 4.4 yet. You’ve already swapped out your phone’s battery six times. In other words, it’s probably time to upgrade, and these are the reasons why.

It’s huge, and not in the good way

the list oldphone

If you’re still rocking a phone from 1999, I have only one question for you: How??

It’s seen better days

the list throwphone

Like, the days before you had to take an anger management class.

You’re still running Android 2.3

the list oldcomputer

This is what your phone looks like to other people.

Your camera takes three minutes to open

the list waiting

...and another three minutes to take a photo. And don’t even think about turning on HDR.

It won’t...  or rather, can’t... run newer apps

the list canthave2

See that Cut the Rope holiday update? Yeah, you can’t have that.

You’re lucky if your battery lasts for two hours

the list dying

...and you can’t even really charge it, because the charging port is broken.

‘Cracked’ doesn’t even begin to describe your screen

the list cracked

When a hairline crack becomes a gaping hole, it’s probably time to upgrade.

You have pets

the list cat

Pet-owners: You know exactly what I’m talking about.

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