Firefox for Android adds Chromecast support, newly polished theme

firefox android

Firefox for Android can now mirror your browser to the TV thanks to new support for Google’s Chromecast.

This is one of several goodies tucked away inside version 34, which is rolling out in the Google Play Store.

Now when you tap the the Menu button (the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner) and then Tools you’ll see the option for “Mirror Tab.” Burying the option in the Tools menu seems unnecessary; it would be great to access the casting feature with one tap of the Menu button.

However, Chromecast support is great for showing a webpage, image, or video on your TV. If you are a heavy Firefox user it means you no longer have to jump into Chrome, YouTube, or mirror the whole screen just to beam the contents of a web page to your TV.

Version 34 of Firefox for Android has a long list of other improvements, most notably speedier browsing, some new HTML5 features, and the disabling of SSLv3 (to protect users from the POODLE attack).

Google is still the default search provider, though that should switch over to Yahoo rather soon given the new search partnership between the two.

Why this matters: Chromecast support is quickly becoming a “must-have” feature. This addition, and the theme overhaul, shows that Firefox is continuing to ramp up its feature set to win over those who may be casting their eye away from Chrome as their default browser.

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