Samsung downplays Galaxy Note Edge design concerns on US launch day

galaxyedge 2
Florence Ion

The curvacious Galaxy Note Edge can be yours for just under a cool $1,000. Samsung took to its blog to reassure potential buyers and digital window shoppers that the phone’s wacky design can actually withstand day-to-day use.

Along with promoting the screen’s durability, Samsung says the curved portion is engineered to recognize the difference between casual touches and intentional taps. The curve provides an always-on ticker with quick access to other apps and functions.

Samsung also wants everyone to know the left edge is also slightly curved, though of course not as dramatically as the right side, to give some aesthetic balance. It’s barely noticeable though, as it’s hard to see anything else but that steep bend.

The story behind the story: The Galaxy Note Edge feels very much like a company pushing out a product to yell, “first!” It’s difficult to see any mass appeal beyond those with deep pockets who want to impress friends and colleagues. We can’t rule out that one day bendable screens may have some utility, but we are in the very early stages of this type of technology. Our own hands-on of the Note Edge also didn’t impress, as the ticker didn’t seem all that useful.

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