Pushbullet revamps interface with sleek, Material Design scheme

pushbullet material design
Android Police

Pushbullet, an app that puts your Android device's notifications on the desktop, is getting a Material Design-inspired interface and better tools for filtering the onslaught of push alerts.

Along with the usual notifications like text messages and email alerts, Pushbullet has customizable channels that notify you when a favorite website publishes new content. It also has a sleek feature that copies text between your computer and smartphone or tablet.

This redesign adds a navigation drawer with quick access to your channels, connected devices, and other settings. You now filter notifications by device, such as turning off specific alerts to your phone but keeping the flow open to your tablet or computer.

Pushbullet is a great app for reducing the number of times you need to reach for your phone when it buzzes. The channels provide an excellent workflow for getting instant updates from favorite sites instead of sifting through Twitter or RSS feeds. It's also the best option for Android owners to get similar functionality to what Apple is building in to OS X and iOS with its Handoff capabilities.

Pushbullet has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and a beta version for Windows. Work is underway on a Mac OS X option.

The impact on you: The update makes Pushbullet much cleaner and easier to navigate, with all the animations, icons, and toggles looking how Google intends with Android 5.0.  You can check out the full changelog and update the app directly at the Google Play Store.

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