Google+ for Android continues its Material Design makeover in latest update

googleplusupdate main
Credit: Florence Ion

An update to the Google+ Android app started rolling out today, and it brings with it even more Material Design flair. Version 4.6 features a bolder color scheme and flatter aesthetics. 


Three quick glances at the new Google+ update. 

Most of the icons have been slimmed down and converted to grayscale to help contrast against the bright red trim. The button that hangs out in the bottom right-hand corner is now colored red to make it to easier to see against the noise of the Google+ feed.

The social network’s integrated Photos application also received the same design makeover.

googleplusupdate photos

Most of the icons in the new Google+ update were converted to grayscale. 

Why this matters: Rather than release one overwhelmingly massive software update, Google is slowly pushing out its new Material Design aesthetic app-by-app. However, with so many frequent updates, it feels like the designers are merely pushing out new looks until they get it right. 

Hopefully third-party developers will care as much about fitting in with the new design guidelines—anything to make Android’s overall interface more coherent. 

The update is already rolling Android phones and tablets everywhere. If you simply can’t wait, try pushing it to your device from the Google Play store.

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