HTC doubles free Drive storage to 100GB for One (M8), Max, others

htc one m8
Credit: HTC

Some HTC phone owners are getting a nice present in the form of additional Google Drive storage. 

Those with a One M8, One Remix, One Max, Desire 816, or Desire 610 can double their original free 50GB to 100GB for two years. 

According to a Google help page dedicated to the offer, you should be prompted to accept the upgrade from the Drive app on your device. You can add the storage to a personal Google or Enterprise (now called Google for Work) account.

The move better coincides with Drive's tiered storage options. When the two years is up, you can continue the 100GB for $2 per month or go all-out with 1TB for $10 per month.

Google says if you elect not to pay for storage the files will not immediately disappear - you can still access, download, or share them. However, you will not be able to make edits and sync the changes back to Drive or access other features.

The HTC offer is not valid if you purchased a used or refurbished phone. Unlocking the bootloader may also void the deal. To find out where your device stands in terms of storage options check the HTC customer help page.

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Some 2013 models are also getting some Google Drive love—the Google help page says that the HTC One, Butterfly S, One Mini and Desire 601 get an additional 25GB when updating to Sense 6.0.

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