Sprint may bring Sony's next Xperia flagship to the U.S.

xperiaz1s 2056
Michael Homnick

Sony is shifting its sales strategy in the U.S. to make its smartphones available from more than one US carrier. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the big two.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint will be the next carrier to offer Sony’s flagship, which is expected to be announced at IFA 2014 next week in Berlin. This will be the first time a carrier other than T-Mobile offers Sony’s Xperia Z series of smartphones in the US.

At a news conference earlier this summer, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida said that Sony is shifting its focus to increase mobile sales in select markets where it can be seen as a premium brand. This sounds like the company's attempt at reviving its reputation from the days of yore, when it was considered one of the world's top tier electronics manufacturers. It’s since been overshadowed by companies like Samsung, however. And if Sony's really looking to effectively make waves in the U.S. market, it should have considered partnering up with the biggest carriers—Verizon and AT&T.

Regardless, Sony hasn’t officially confirmed whether the Xperia handsets will arrive at Sprint, or if they’ll come to the U.S. at all. We’ll find out more next week at IFA, when the company announces its next lineup of gadgets. Stay tuned.

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