Sorry, Apple: Judge refuses to ban Samsung devices

judge gavel 1
Credit: Legal Terminology

Apple lost another skirmish in its long legal war with Samsung. On Wednesday, a federal judge denied the Cupertino company's request to block sales of patent-infringing Samsung devices.

Federal Judge Lucy Koh, who typically presides over high-profile Silicon Valley cases, said Apple did not show it suffered “irreparable harm" from smartphones and tablets that a jury found to violate Apple patents.

“Apple has not established that it suffered significant harm in the form of either lost sales or reputational injury,” Koh wrote in her decision.

It is the latest salvo stemming from a jury decision in May that awarded Apple $119 million in damages, which was far short of the $2.2 billion the company sought.

Both companies have followed up with challenges to the jury verdict. Among the infringing devices was the Galaxy Nexus, which Google and Samsung jointly produced in 2011 as the first phone to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

There were two patents at issue in the original case: “slide to unlock,” focusing on how to awaken a device, and the software keyboard's ability to autocorrect words.

Apple and Samsung have since reached a settlement of their disputes internationally, coming to a resolution in nine different countries. However, there does not appear to be any slowdown of the court battles in the United States.

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