Google News & Weather app finally gets an update after four years

googlenews 2

You know that Google News & Weather app that’s hidden in the application drawer on on your Android device? That app just got updated, about four years after its last update on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The app, once was a relic of the past, has been updated for the present to version 2.0, though curiously it’s not sporting a Material Design-type makeover of any kind. The update includes features like a new layout that implements the standard card-based interface, and the ability to swipe between categories. Everything is linked to your Google account, as is the standard with Google’s native apps.

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You can add search terms to stay privy to within Google News & Weather.

Most stock Android devices have the app already installed, so you’ll see the rollout hit your phone or tablet over the next day or two. If you’re on a device with a manufacturer’s Android skin you might not have the app installed, so try to grab it yourself from the Google Play Store. I couldn’t download the application directly—it said that the app wasn’t available in my country, so I grabbed the APK from Android Police instead.

Google hasn’t made it clear why it finally decided to update the News & Weather app after all this time, but we figure that it has something to do with Android One’s debut next month. Those mid-range to low-end phones overseas might not have access to the same fancy news and weather apps that we do, or a whole library of publications and feeds to choose from within Newsstand, so News & Weather could help fill the gap for that specific market.

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