Google Play Music update brings small widget changes

google play music logo

A small update is headed to Google Play Music, bringing the version number up to v5.6.1616. The update offers up a new widget, along with a few changes to the standard home screen widget found on previous versions. 

The standard 4x1 Play Music Widget has received a theme change, using a white background with bigger cover art. 

4x1 widget changes Play music

The 4x1 widget in the latest version of Google Play Music has received a lighter theme (bottom).

The tweaked 4x1 widget is now also resizeable, and the album art and controls will grow or shrink accordingly. 

screenshot 2014 08 06 12 06 39

Now you can resize the standard 4x1 Play Music widget. 

Last but not least is the new "I'm Feeling Lucky" widget. The 1x1 widget, with a die icon, will automatically play an I'm Feeling Lucky station when tapped. 

play music widgets

Both the updated 4x1 Play Music widget and the 1x1 I'm Feeling Lucky widget.

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