Motorola executive confirms: Moto X will get Android L

moto x touchless controls
Mike Homnick

For Moto X fans this is the “yup” heard ‘round the world.

Motorola Vice President of Software Punit Soni gave the affirmative when responding to a Google+ post about whether the Moto X would receive the latest version of Android when it launches this Fall.

This is certainly good news for those who have the current Motorola flagship, as the company is rumored to launch a successor soon.

There have been multiple leaks of the supposed Moto X+1. A series of leaked images have shown a device with a 5.1-inch screen and a wooden back.

The Moto X has been updated with rapid regularity to the latest version of Android, so it is not surprising that someone from the company would pledge to keep up with Google's most exciting release in years. Also, Android L is further designed to work on a variety of handsets, even mid-range phones built for developing nations, so the current hardware capabilities of the Moto X should provide it with a sufficiently long life.

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