It's not fair that Japan gets a waterproof HTC One (M8) with a better camera and we don't

htcone waterproof

As an Android user, sometimes I get envious of the devices that will show up for sale overseas, and that’s exactly how I feel about HTC’s new waterproof One (M8).

The J Butterfly, which is making its debut in Japan, comes standard with many of the same components as its flagship predecessor: a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch Full HD display, and 32GB of storage. But it also comes with two features that would have made the original One even better, most notably its water- and dust-resistant casing and a 13-megapixel camera sensor (it still has the duo-cam, just a higher-resolution main rear camera).

The regular One is already a great phone with its myriad features and stylin’ chassis, but it’s missing a few particular things that its competitors have made standard. It’s certainly one of the most well-designed Android phones on the market, but if you drop it in the toilet by accident, it’s toast. And, while the UltraPixel camera definitely has its perks, it’s still just 4-megapixels, which just isn’t enough if you’re using your phone to snap memories.

Anyway, if you like this phone and the idea of being able to take it with you on the trail or in the shower, you might want to look into a trip to Japan. I hear it’s lovely, if a little hot, around this time of year.

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