How to add a new Google account on your Android phone or tablet

add google account
Blake Stimac

When you first set up a new Android phone or tablet, you’re asked to either log in to your Google account, or create a new one. Since this is one of the first things you’ll do after you turn your Android phone for the first time, you may not know where to look if you ever want to add another Google account. 

Your Google account, as you’d expect, connects you to all things Google. Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and the search giant’s entire suite of apps and services; everything is attached to your Google account. So whether you want to add your work account to your personal phone, or just have a separate account for the kids, it’s easy enough to add a new account to your device.

accounts settings

It might be named differently, but the Accounts menu takes you to the same place on every Android phone or tablet.

On your Android phone or tablet, open up the Settings menu and look for the Accounts option. Depending on the brand of phone you have, the option may be named Accounts and sync, but it will always have “accounts” in the name. The number of options and submenus will also vary depending on your smartphone or tablet. 

The next menu should give you the option to add an account. In stock Android, you can jump directly to the Add account option from the main Settings menu, so fewer steps are needed. 

add account settings

Some OEMs offer more accounts types to add than others.

Tap on Google, and you’ll be brought to the familiar setup to add a new account. 

google account

Just walk through the steps, following the prompts to log into or set up a Google account, just like you would when you first set up your device. Now, in apps like Gmail and Hangouts, you'll have multiple accounts to choose from in the app options menus.

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