Report: Google will enable you to spice up a custom case for your Nexus 5

google customize screenshot
Credit: Android Police

It used to be that Google’s Nexus devices were considered the “developer editions,” which is why so few accessories were made available for them. But Google seems to be changing its tune on the matter as it is apparently working on a neat little tool that would let you create a custom a Nexus device to your liking. Sort of.

According to information made available to Android Police, Google’s Workshop will let users customize cases and make live wallpapers that would correspond with the device’s outer shell. It’s kind of like the customization abilities of Motorola’s Moto X, except that this particular feature will only be made available for the Nexus 5, and it's for cases, not the phone's body itself.

google customize Android Police

Customize a Nexus 5 case to your liking, then make a live wallpaper to match it.

The Workshop will be accessible through your browser via the Google Play Store. A tool dubbed “Moments” will allow you to paste a selfie or photos of a recent trip on a case. You can then select more photos that correspond with that particular day or scene as turn them into a live wallpaper.

There’s not much information available on when this service will debut. Regardless, it looks like this is either a response to how well the Nexus 5 handsets have sold, or it’s Google’s attempt to give its stock Nexus devices a little more priority over the other offerings out there.

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