Motorola files an official trademark for a 'Moto Maxx'

Motorola may be selling hoards of its mid-range Moto G smartphone overseas, but we haven’t seen a flagship from the company for a while. That may change, as a recent filing at the USPTO suggests that Moto recently trademarked the name “Moto Maxx.”

The “Maxx” moniker already belongs to Motorola’s Droid Maxx devices, so what could possibly be next? A Moto X-type flagship with always-on capabilities and a bigger battery? A phablet-sized smartphone with a bigger battery?

Moto Maxx trademark

Whatever it will be, it’s a nice bit of news. It’s been fairly quiet on the Motorola front, aside from varying rumors surrounding the next Nexus device, though earlier today the company announced a shift in leadership, with the key players behind the Moto G and Moto E moving up the proverbial totem pole. 

The Moto G may have been Motorola’s best selling smartphone in its storied handset history thus far, but there’s still a lot of factors left to be taken into consideration. Summer is nearing its end, and we’ve yet to see the launch of the Moto 360 smartwatch. And although Google’s the one that broke the story on the Moto G’s amazing sales numbers, we’ve yet to find out when Lenovo’s acquisition of the company will be completed.

The perfect timing of this trademark filing proves at least one thing: Motorola will continue to press on as key player in the smartphone wars. 

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