Gmail and Google Camera for Android get a few new features

gmailicon greenbot

With all of the excitement coming out of the Android wearables realm lately, you may have forgotten that your smartphone is getting periodic app updates.

Google pushed forth an update to both the Gmail app and its official camera app for Android. They’re relatively minor, but they’re a part of the usual slew of app updates that usually occur every Wednesday.

Gmail for Android now includes direct Google Drive file attachments. Rather than go through the whole process of attaching a file, you can simply select “Insert from Drive” to drop in something from your Google Drive. If the file isn’t already accessible by the people you’re emailing, you can also tweak that sharing setting before sending the email.

The new version of Gmail also features better autocomplete for contact suggestions, so when you begin typing a name into a field, it will begin to autofill after the first character rather than the second.

As for Google Camera, now it has a neat remote shutter option for Android Wear, as well as a refreshed Panorama interface. If you’ve got an Android Wear smartwatch handy, you can launch the Camera app on your phone or tablet, and Wear will pop up a card for remote capture. This may prove incredibly helpful for selfies that are more natural looking, rather than forced. Really, the possibilities are endless.

You can grab both of the updates in the Google Play store if they haven’t hit your device already.

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