Google releases Factory Images for Android 4.4.4 (Update: Fixes critical OpenSSL flaw)

Editor's note: This article originally posted on June 19, but was updated June 20 with more information.

This couldn’t have anything to do with Google I/O, could it? Google posted the Android 4.4.4 Factory Images for the most recent Nexus devices. If you’re into modding and tweaking and can flash a ROM, you can download the file for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, first and second-generation Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi only on the latter one), and Nexus 10.

We don’t know what the update entails just yet. Maybe it’s a bunch of bug fixes that didn’t make it into Android 4.4.3. It’s certainly peculiar, given that the last Android update just hit earlier this month.

Next week is going to be interesting.

Update: Several commenters in the XDA Developers Forums have pointed to an unofficial change log, which shows little more than some OpenSSL fixes. That means that everyone waiting for Android 4.4.3 from their carriers might want to raise their voices; this the version of Android you actually want on your device.

Second update: Sascha Prueter, an Android program manager at Google, shed some light on the changes in the new version when answering a question received from a user on his Google+ page. The update is “primarily addressing CVE-2014-0224,” the technical name for the critical OpenSSL vulnerability, he said.

IDG News Service's Lucian Constantin provided additional reporting for this article.

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