Google Play Store version 4.8.20 brings a hoard of tweaks


A new version of the Google Play Store is starting to roll out to devices, with a handful of useful, if small, changes in tow. From simplified permissions to the addition of PayPal as a payment option, the latest version of the Play Store is better than ever. 

Google detailed the new way the Play Store displays permissions to the user, and it's definitely a more straightforward implementation. Take a look at the two screenshots below.


The old Google Play permissions (left) next to new, simplified layout (right).

Permissions are now easier to read, in that they no longer go into specific detail as to what a certain application may have access to. The person downloading the application can view the exact permissions by going into the Additional Information section on the application's landing page under View details. Now, permissions are grouped together with generalized descriptions, such as Identity, Location, and Contacts/Calendar.


A simpler way to display permissions isn't the only change in the latest version, and a wealth of new interface tweaks are also found here as well. The, update and (un)install buttons are now larger, and new headers now adorn TV show, music artists, and user profiles within the app. 


Possibly the best improvement in the latest version of the Google Play Store is the addition PayPal as a payment option. While the store isn't in short supply of payment options, PayPal is definitely a welcome service to see. 


The latest version of the Google Play store is one of the biggest updates we've seen in some time. While the new user interface tweaks are nice, the addition of PayPal as a payment method and the simplified permissions are really what make the update special. 

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