Google Maps 8.1 update for Android brings back terrain view and more


Google Maps has been updated for the second time this month, but it's not like the huge update we saw a few weeks ago. Instead, Google Maps 8.1 brings back the previously exiled terrain view, as well as a few simple interface changes. 

The most notable part of the Google Maps 8.1 update is terrain view. In this view, the user can see the elevation changes in many areas, which can be pretty helpful if you're in hilly San Francisco. 


There are a handful of subtle changes that you might not even notice in Google Maps, or care to acknowledge, really. Now, when getting route information for directions, the total travel time is in bold. In addition to this, public transit directions now show total walking time, just in case you're feeling lazy want to walk as little as possible to your destination. Public transit directions also now show how often the particular train or bus is scheduled to arrive at your stop.

There isn't too much to get excited for with this version of Google Maps, but the new tweaks are welcome. The update should roll out to your phone over the next day or two.

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