Motorola Alert lets people know when you're in trouble (or just at home)


The latest addition to Motorola’s bundle of exclusive apps is all about letting people know that you’re safe.

Motorola Alert lets users trigger an “emergency mode,” which sends periodic location updates to selected contacts. As Android Central points out, these contacts don’t need to use a Motorola phone to get the updates.

The app also includes a less-pressing Follow Me mode, which lets users send out alerts when they’ve arrived at designated locations, such as work or home. This could be helpful, for instance, to parents who want to know that their children have arrived at home safely without having to track their every move.

Motorola Alert isn’t the only app to offer this kind of service. Other safety apps in the Google Play Store include Bsafe, WatchOverMe, and PanicGuard, and unlike Motorola’s app, they don’t require a Motorola phone to use.

But Motorola’s app at least looks like a capable competitor, with a simple design that doesn’t try to do too much. It should make a nice addition to Motorola’s existing app suite, which also includes touch-free voice commands and a smart assistant that changes the phone’s behavior based on time and location.

For now, Motorola Alert is only available on the newly announced Moto E, but it should eventually make its way to the Moto G and Moto X.

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