Google Now alerts you when an item you've searched for is in stock nearby

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The new Google Search update we got just a few days ago has a few tricks up its sleeve that we weren't aware of. One such trick is that a new card will appear to show you when an item you've searched for is in stock nearby. 

The simplicity of the card is helpful enough, though it's hard to say whether or not it will still appear if you've already purchased the listed item. A helpful reminder at best, the convenience factor of this Google Now feature can also be looked at as the impulse purchase card you never needed. Thanks, Google.


While pretty self-explanatory, the card is triggered by having previously searched for a specific item and then later being close to a store that carries it. Odds are, the card doesn't know if the store has the item in stock, merely that it is usually sold there. 

Now, you'll be able to finally get that random thing you never needed and have Google Now remind you where you parked, too. 

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