Google Play's May 4th promotion puts Star Wars on sale

may4th google

A few years ago, nerds across the globe started celebrating May 4 as Star Wars Day because "May the Fourth" sounds like "May the Force", and that's all the convincing a proper fan of epic space fantasy needs. Not to let a good marketing opportunity go to waste, it has quickly become a thing.

Now Google's getting in on the action with a May the 4th sale in the Google Play store. 

Apps like Angry Birds: Star Wars (I and II) and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star are on sale. Well, Tiny Death Star is already free, but the in-app purchases are on sale. Also on sale are lots of Star Wars books, including some graphic novels. Not on sale: any of the Star Wars movies, soundtracks, or related TV shows (like the Robot Chicken stuff).

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