LG's first quarter mobile earnings report is one of its best ever

lg g flex 17
Image: Michael Homnick

LG is already having one of its best years ever—at least in the mobile sector. The company's financial statement shows a gradual slope upwards in its earnings reports, which is particularly interesting considering that the company hasn't always been considered a top tier Android manufacturer. 

The company shipped 12.3 million smartphones in the first quarter, which is about a 19 percent improvement over the same time last year. LG also reined in about $3.19 billion since the release of the phablet-sized G Pro 2 overseas—about a 6 percent increase from the same time last year. The company's trio of new handsets—the LG G2 mini, G Pro 2, and F-series devices—have yet to make it to the US, however. There's also no mention of how many units the company's flexible smartphone, the G Flex, managed to sell, but given that it seemed to be more of an experimental product, LG could remain mum on the topic.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the earnings report is the subtle mention of the forthcoming LG G3. The company expects higher revenues once its next Android-powered flagship handset hits the market in the "second quarter." There's no mention of the G3 beyond that, though there is much speculation that the device will be one of the first to debut with a quad HD display.

For now, we're just waiting to see when—and if—the G Pro 3 will hit the States. 

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