Sony's 'me too!' moment: publishes Background defocus camera app to Play Store

xperia focus

Companies like HTC and Google have been heavily pushing their camera apps and their ability to do a background de-focus effect, which fakes the short depth of field effect you get with DSLRs and other big cameras. But Sony wants to remind you that its Xperia handsets can do it, too.

Thus, the company published its Background defocus app in the Google Play store. The app lets you select the object that remains in focus while the background gets blurred out. After you snap the photo, you can then adjust the blur level and blur effect. For best results, Sony says to shoot the object from 0.5- to 1.5-feet away.

screenshot 2014 04 23 10 39 47

The app only works with Sony’s Xperia devices, so if you were looking to download it for your other-brand phone, you’re out of luck. Sony’s really angling to get consumers to notice its Android devices for their camera abilities, so this is the best way to remind everyone that its phones are just as capable as the others out there.

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