Report: Amazon's smartphone to make use of unique tilt gestures

bgr a phone 1
Image: BGR

Amazon, being very late to the game, needs to be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the Android competition when it finally unveils its long-rumored smartphone. In a market essentially dominated by Samsung and Apple, Amazon’s upcoming smartphone needs to be alluring enough to sway potential customers from those brands, not to mention the many other Android smartphone manufacturers.

BGR recently detailed some of the features that could be found on Amazon’s smartphone, which is said to heavily rely on four infrared cameras that will change the way the user interacts with the smartphone. In addition to 3D effects, the use of motion and head tracking will be the smartphone’s main differentiator, but the world will have to wait until it debuts to see if it’s nothing more than a gimmicky mess.

Instead of traditional buttons, users will tilt the phone in a particular direction to access additional information in apps, as well as many other functions that would normally require touching the smartphone’s display. Examples include tilting the phone in a particular direction while in the messaging application to access and add your photos quickly, or something simpler, like tilting the phone down while viewing a webpage to scroll down.

These gesture features are said to extend through many of the phone’s pre-installed applications, along with some third-party offerings that will be made available in Amazon’s own app store.

Another notable feature for the upcoming smartphone deals with the rear camera. It will utilize optical character recognition to translate foreign texts and recognize and save business card information. Samsung’s Optical Reader application does exactly this, and well at that, but it’s not much of a genuine selling point for the phone.

While the hype for Amazon’s smartphone is greater than ever, it’s impossible not to question whether or not consumers will actually want a smartphone such as this. Still, if these features are true, you need to hand it to Amazon for trying to make a bold move in the smartphone space. With the unveiling expected to be within the next few months, there’s surely more that has yet to be revealed.

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