Google puts a selection of books and magazines on sale for Mother's Day

google mothers day

Google wants you to buy your mom a Nexus 7 for Mother's Day. They're not going to cut you a deal on that; it's still $229 for the basic 16GB model. But mom's love to read, don'tcha know, so you can totally fill up her new tablet with books about inspiring women and magazines about cooking and getting in shape, all 50% off!

You don't need to be a mom, or have a mom, or even know a mom, to take advantage of the sale. Just head over to the Google Play Mother's Day page and load up your account with books and magazine subscriptions. Hyperbole and a Half is an absolute riot no matter who you are. If you are buying something for your mother, you better hope that she doesn't like science, or sci-fi, or fantasy, because there's not much of that. Also absent from the discount list: apps, video, or music of any kind. It seems like a missed opportunity on Google's part.

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