New Chrome for Android beta adds Chromecast support for web video, closed tab recovery

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The latest update to Google Chrome for Android (v35) adds a bunch of goodies to the mobile browser, including native Chromecast support. The new feature lets users send videos directly from a browser tab to Google's TV dongle.

The Chromecast feature was actually available in Chrome 34, which came out in March. At the time it was a hidden feature that was not available by default.

Google says the video Casting feature isn't fully fleshed out yet and only lets you send "some" videos to your Chromecast. It's not entirely clear what that means, but the company has said that YouTube support is not complete.

reopen closed tab chrome beta

Beyond Chromecast support, Chrome beta also adds an option to reopen recently closed tabs. Fullscreen videos will support subtitles and HTML5 controls, and there's improved support for devices that have multi-window functionality.

Chromecast rising

Support for Chromecast continues to expand as Google adds more functionality to its Chrome browsers and third-parties jump on board.

Recently, Google added limited support for YouTube live streams to Chromecast, as well as the ability to stream videos marked as private. And embattled live TV/DVR streaming service Aereo announced on Thursday that it would start supporting Chromecast as of May 29.

Aereo is just one of many third party announcements for Chromecast we should see in the coming months. In February, Google released a software development kit for Chromecast and added Cast functionality to Google Play Services.

If you want to give any of the new features in Chrome Android Beta a try, just head over to Google Play to download the app. The beauty of the Chrome Beta on Android is that it can run simultaneously with the regular version of Chrome, so you can play with all the new cool features without sacrificing the stability of the mainstream version.

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