Google Maps for Android update helps you get to your destination faster

screen shot 2014 02 04 at 4.05.07 pm

Sitting traffic is annoying, but trying to plan your route ahead to avoid it is also a big headache. I’ve been in situations where I’d see nothing but green on traffic apps before I began my trip, only to hit stop-and-go and get stuck in the red as soon as I hit the road.

The latest update to Google Maps for iPhone and Android aims to help drivers who find themselves stuck in gridlock mid-journey. Rather than rely on you to reach over and pan the screen to find a better route, Google Maps will immediately update your with a faster route.

You’ll still have to touch the screen while you’re wading through traffic, but you’ll only have to do so to accept whether or not you’d like to try out the  route provided for you. The update has begun rolling out to Android handsets. If you just can’t wait for it, you can manually install it from the Google Play store.

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