Nexus 10: Sold out on Google Play, refresh coming soon?

Android fans are getting antsy now that the Nexus 10 is no longer on sale. The 16GB variant of the 10-inch tablet, manufactured by Samsung, went gray back in October, and now the 32GB isn’t available either. “We are out of inventory,” the page says. “Please check back soon.”

This change hopefully alludes to a refresh on the horizon, because one is long overdue: the Nexus 10 launched in November 2012 and it still hasn’t seen a do-over. And with the recent revelation that Google is only supporting its Nexus devices up to 18 months after release, the end is likely nigh. There’s no word on which company would produce it, though there are reports that Asus will remain the de facto tablet maker for Google’s developer-centric products.

For now, if you’re looking for the latest stock Android tablet you can purchase the 7-inch Nexus 7 or the Google Play edition of the 8-inch LG G Pad.

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