How to Watch and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously on Android

BY AndroidBeat Contributor

Published 18 Jul 2018

How to Watch and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously on Android

Stories, Status are features which are now a prominent part of any social network. While WhatsApp calls it Status, Instagram and Facebook call it Stories. These stories stay for 24 hours and offer one a quick way to share what’s going on in their daily life.

Instagram Stories are visible to all your friends, followers, and to the public. If you watch someone’s Instagram story, the person can know about that as well as your name will show up in the ‘viewed’ list. Now, for some reason, you may want to download someone’s Instagram Story for future reference or just for playing a prank. So, in this guide, I am sharing how you can download Instagram stories on Android. That said, there is another part of this. These tips and app will let you download the Instagram stories and also keep you anonymous. Even if you watch their stories, they would not know about it.

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android

If you don’t know, Snapchat was the first to introduce stories, where you can share images and videos of your day. After Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat, this feature was rolled out to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

Take Screenshots & Use Screen recorder

This is the easiest and straightforward method. Press the volume down and power key on your phone while you are watching an Instagram Story. This will take a screenshot of the story that you are currently watching. You can then crop the image to remove the parts which reveal the source. You can then just save it on your phone or share it again.

Instagram Stories

For videos, you can use any screen recorder or the one which is inbuilt in your phone. The recorder will record audio from the speaker when recording the video. Once done, save it on your phone. You can use a third party video editor to cut out information which is not needed. We recommend using A-Z Screen Recorder app. Make sure to start the recording after opening the Instagram app.

The problem with the above method is that it will reveal that you had seen the Instagram Story which you just took a screenshot of. If you want to avoid this, follow the below method.

How to Watch and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously

If you do not want your name to appear on the watched list, you will need to use third-party apps. We recommend. StorySaver+. The app basically connects to your Instagram account, and starts downloading, and saving Instagram stories.

While it does offer you log in through Facebook, we recommend you to use your Instagram username and password. Many times the app crashed when using Facebook as the login method. Once you are inside, you will have sections for Live & Replay, Story.

It is the latter which is what we are interested in. Switch to Story, and you will see the list of all accounts which have shared stories. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the story and wait for it to start. Tap on the download button and it will save it to the gallery.

Step 2: Go back and tap on the hamburger menu > Gallery where you can find all the downloaded stories

StorySaver+ offers many features apart from downloading the stories on your Android Phone. Here is the list :

  • You can watch the live stream and top broadcasts.
  • Download Photos, Videos, Profile Photos, Carousel
  • Search by username for stories.
  • Download IGTV videos by pasting the URL

Warning: While the app has never created any problem for me, but here is a small warning. Since you are using your actual username and password, there’s always a security risk involved!

Download: StorySaver+