Start salivating at the next Android version: Lollipop

BY Rita El Khoury

Published 25 Jun 2014


The next Android version is rumored for an imminent preview at Google I/O today, with the full release following sometime next fall. However, so far, we have been in the dark in regards to the possible name of this version. After Jelly Bean and KitKat, we’re due for a sugary treat starting with the letter L, and the names lollipop, licorice, lemonade, lava cake, lemon pie, and others were making the online rounds.

Thankfully, it looks like we’re in for a round of Lollipops, if Nixanbal’s sources are to be believed. And that is awesome. Because, lollipops! The news alone make me want to grab a few lollipops. Cherry, anyone?

Could you honestly imagine yourself talking about Android Lava Cake? Or Android LadyFingers? Lollipops are fun, everyone knows what they are, every kid salivates over the mere sight of a lollipop. Seriously, someone get me a lollipop, now.

Also, as a bonus, there’s an emoji for lollipops in Android. If you ask me, that alone is reason enough to adopt the name. I didn’t see an emoji for a lemon pie, did you? Then lollipop wins. You read the main reason here, first.

[Source: Nixanbal, Via: PhoneArena]