Samsung is teasing the ‘amazing’ camera in its 2015 flagship Galaxy S smartphone

BY Evan Selleck

Published 11 Feb 2015

Galaxy S5 Camera

The camera in a smartphone can tend to be one of the most important features for anyone, and Samsung is trying to build up some awareness for its upcoming shooter ahead of a public announcement.

The next flagship Galaxy S smartphone is rumored to be the Galaxy S6, and while Samsung hasn’t actually announced anything just yet, the company isn’t wasting any time in building up the hype train for the next flagship smartphone. The company published a post to its Samsung Tomorrow blog, and in it outlined how the cameras in its Galaxy S smartphones have improved over the years, leading up to the release of the Galaxy S5 in 2014.

Now, looking ahead, Samsung isn’t just looking at the camera or its ability to take pictures, but instead in making it far more advanced in nature as well. According to Samsung, the camera in its 2015 flagship smartphone will be “intelligent and do all the thinking for users,” and will give them the specs necessary to “take amazing pictures under any conditions:”

It will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button. It will demonstrate just how far Samsung has advanced smartphone cameras, and once again will open the creative side of our users for new ideas and new possibilities.

As far as any concrete details go, that’s still up-in-in-the-air at this point, with rumors suggesting one of the Galaxy S6 variants could boast a 20-megapixel camera on the back. Whatever the megapixel count, it sounds like Samsung is looking to put a bit more power behind the camera, and intelligence, so one can only hope that translates into something worth using.

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