Samsung Galaxy S5 allegedly gets benchmarked

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 4 Dec 2013

There are multiple benchmarking applications available for Android, but a select few upload your results to a central database so others can see how their phone compares to your phone. GFXBench is one of those apps. And along with some arbitrary unit-less synthetic number, their app also shares a device’s specifications. A phone simply known as the “SM-G900S” was recently submitted to GFXBench, and some people believe it’s the Galaxy S5.

Now why’s that?

Let’s pull out some key data points: The phone has a 2560 x 1440 pixel display. What Samsung phone exists with that screen resolution on the market today? None. The processor inside is clocked at 2.5 GHz. Before you get too excited and think it’s a Snapdragon 805, GFXBench says the GPU in use is the Adreno 330, which means this is a Snapdragon 800. And finally, the Android version number: 4.4 KitKat.

How credible is this data?

Rumors seem to suggest that Samsung wants to get the Galaxy S5 on store shelves by the end of Q1. That gives them less than four months to finish ironing out all the kinks, which means benchmarking devices in order to see how they run. Some testing engineer in Korea probably tapped the upload button by accident, and now we have some specs to keep in mind.

Personally, I’m not even going to pay attention to the Galaxy S5 unless this rumor about it being made out of metal turns out to be true. That and the internet says the GS5 isn’t going to have optical image stabilization, which is weird since LG put that in their flagship phone this year.