Orange France says they’ll start selling the LG G Flex in February 2014, though no word on price

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 8 Nov 2013

According to the French Android website FrAndroid, local operator Orange will be launching LG’s first curved smartphone, the G Flex, in February 2014. There’s no word on pricing information, however, which is something the entire world is eager to see considering the new screen technology involved.

For those who haven’t heard about the G Flex, it’s a device that was recently unveiled in Korea with a 6.0 inch 720p display that gently curves from top to bottom, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which curves from side to side. The internals of the G Flex are nothing to sneeze at: Snapdragon 800, 2 GB of RAM, and a 13 megapixel camera. Still, 720p at 6.0 inches comes out to a pixel per inch rating of 245. While not terrible, today’s flagship phones break the 400 PPI barrier, and rumor has it that the hero devices of 2014 will break the 500 PPI mark.

Are there any benefits to going curved? That’s hard to say since no one has done a review yet, but it’s worth noting that the curved display is enabled thanks to the use of a plastic substrate instead of one made out of the more traditional material, glass. Plastic is obviously more durable than glass, so dropping the G Flex shouldn’t result in you losing 700 Euros and a little bit of your sanity.

Personally, I’m sticking flexible displays in the “gimmick” category until either LG or Samsung decide to use the technology in their flagship phones. The GS5 isn’t going to have a flexible display, neither will the G3, but if the G6 and G4 do, then that’s something I’ll have to reevaluate.

But 2015 sure is a long ways off.