Oppo and Xiaomi Showcase under Display Selfie Cameras

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 3 Jun 2019

In the recent past, we have seen a series of new configurations for a smartphone screen. The notch was first seen on the Essential Phone and it became trendy after Apple used it on iPhone X. Smartphone manufacturers tried to make the notch as small as possible and this gave birth to the teardrop notch. Now, Xiaomi and Oppo have come up with a new technology that lets them hide the selfie beneath the screen.

Smartphone manufacturers are striving hard to offer a better screen to body ratio and the latest seems to be a hidden selfie camera. The best part is that this selfie camera doesn’t need a hole or a notch, instead, it will sit flush over the display. Oppo showed off a prototype with a selfie camera hidden below active pixels. It is worth noting that Oppo had earlier tried hiding the selfie camera by using other configurations like pop up camera and slider mechanism on the Find X.

Furthermore, Oppo’s VP Brian Shen posted the same video and Weibo and added that it is very difficult for under display selfie camera’s to produce the same quality as the traditional camera units. We are not sure when this new technology will make inroads to the production units.

Xiaomi follows suit

In an interesting turn of events, Xiaomi also unveiled its own concept which showed off the under display camera. Xiaomi’s co-founder Lin Bin took to Weibo and said that the new display technology is coming soon. In order to substantiate his claim, he also posted a video that showcases how the technology works.

Both the videos show screen filling up space when the selfie camera is not in use. However, a black bar appears once the selfie camera is activated and the viewfinder is activated. At this juncture, we are not sure how well this technology works, however, the under display selfie camera might very well become the norm in the near future.

[Via XDA Developers]