Nokia swoops in to help vocal Galaxy S4 owner whose phone caught on fire

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 11 Dec 2013


Richard Wygand maybe known as the man with a charred Galaxy S4 who used YouTube to take on Samsung. In a strange twist of fate that played out on Twitter, he may soon put his Galaxy S4 experience behind him and become the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia handset.The tale started earlier this week when Wygand posted up a YouTube video showing his charred Galaxy S4. The phone unexpectedly caught on fire while it was charging, and Samsung wanted video proof of the damage. The video went viral, and Samsung responded with a long letter asking Wygand to remove his clip and stop talking about the incident. That request didn’t go over so well with Wygand, prompting him to make another video that berated the company for its “bull crap’ response.

Wygand suggests this letter is part of a bigger coverup by Samsung to hide the fact that its Galaxy S4 has battery problems that caused its phone to catch on fire. Samsung has voluntarily replaced the batteries in some Galaxy S4 units after the battery stopped holding a charge and, in some cases, swelled.

After Samsung dropped the ball, Nokia seized the opportunity to make things right. The company reached out to Wygand on Twitter and offered him a free Lumia handset, so he could “experience how customer service should really work.”

Wygand hasn’t said what happened with Samsung and Nokia, but it must be a good feeling to know that Nokia has your back, even when Samsung doesn’t.

[Via WP Central]