Nexus Player now available for $79.99 in the Google Store

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 May 2015


In October of last year, Google officially unveiled the Nexus Player, the set-top box with Nexus branding and running Android TV.

When it did, Google also tagged it with a $99 price tag, making it just another entry into the set-top box market with plenty of competition. Google generally keeps the prices for items within its online store the same from launch to end of life (consider the original G Watch, which was priced at $230 for an almost ridiculous amount of time), but it seems to be changing its views a little bit with the Nexus Player.

As initially reported by Android Police, the Nexus Player is currently listed for $79.99 within the Google Store, marking a $20 savings from its launch price. And, for what it’s worth, this is the bundle that only includes the remote for the box, and not the controller for gaming. If you want the controller, you’ll still need to fork over an additional $40. It does include free shipping, though.

If you want to pick up a Nexus Player for $79.99, head through the Google Store link below.

[via Android Police; Google Store]