Razer’s Forge TV ‘Gaming Bundle’ is now available from the Google Store for $149

BY Evan Selleck

Published 17 Jun 2015

image Razer Forge TV

In January, Razer officially unveiled its Forge TV set-top box, which is equipped with Android TV. In April, it would finally go up for pre-order from Amazon.

And while the Forge TV is now available from Amazon as well, with the earliest arrival date as soon as tomorrow for some shoppers, for those that prefer to do their shopping from the Google Store, the set-top box is now available there, too. It’s priced at $149.99, just like the option from Amazon, and it comes with the “Serval” controller, too.

For it’s part, Google says the Forge TV will leave its warehouses between one and two business days, so the wait for the new device shouldn’t be long. (The Google Store will only let you buy two at a time, for those curious.)

Do you plan on picking up a Forge TV?

[via Google Store]