Newest Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks Shows Off Hole-Punch Display and Cryptocurrency Wallet

BY Evan Selleck

Published 23 Jan 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup is going to be revealed on February 20. Until then, the rumor mill is hard at work on revealing everything it can.

At this point, that involves a lot of early pictures of the upcoming handsets. This time it’s the standard Galaxy S10, which you can tell from the smaller, circular cutout in the display’s top-right corner. That’s the “Infinity-O” hole-punch design. It’s a bit different than the other hole-punch design we’ve seen from Samsung with the upcoming Galaxy S10+ for instance, which will boast a more pill-shaped cutout in the display’s corner.

As for this particular leak, we get a nice look at the handset’s big display, and the hole-punch design. But we can also see what’s called the “Blockchain KeyStore”, which apparently gives us a good look at the fact that Samsung is going all-in with support for blockchain and cryptocurrency in its upcoming flagship smartphones. It looks like that Blockchain KeyStore is going to be bundled with the handset, too, so take that for what it’s worth.

If this is indeed the real deal, then it will likely stand to reason that Samsung is going to take some time on stage at the end of next month to officially talk about what this means for the general consumer. Blockchain and cryptocurrency hasn’t really taken off for smartphones just yet, even though HTC has given it a shot as well. Can Samsung change that? What do you think?

[via @VenyaGeskin1]