Motorola scraps engraving option for Moto X, says it’ll eventually come back, but not when

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 20 Aug 2013

The Motorola Moto X is a phone that will likely never be sold outside the United States, Canada, and a few countries in South America. Us Europeans (and you Asian readers) will eventually get some sort of variant of the device, but the Moto X as it’s been presented will not leave the Western Hemisphere.

With that out of the way, it’s time to bring up the phone’s biggest “feature”, it’s ability to be customized in one of over 500 ways. You get to pick the color of the front of the phone (black or white), the back of the phone (something crazy like 18 colors), and the accents around the camera, volume buttons, etc. There was supposed to be another option, engraving, but according to Android Central it now no longer exists.

The site received confirmation from Motorola that the quality control on engraving wasn’t up to their caliber, so they’ve decided to stop offering it to people. The option will eventually return, but no dates have been provided.

To tell you the truth, you probably shouldn’t have opted for an engraving anyway. It drastically decreases the resell value of your device, plus it’s kind of tacky. Those are (obviously) my opinions.