Image Shows What Google’s Rumored Android Wear Smartwatches May Look Like

BY Evan Selleck

Published 11 Jul 2016

Google's Android Wear watches

Earlier in the month, a report indicated that Google is considering building its own Android Wear-based smartwatches, both of which would feature the new Assistant on board.

Now, thanks to Android Police, there is an image to go along with that previous report, which the publication has put together based on the information they were able to obtain from their sources. It should be noted right away that the above image, showing renders of both smartwatches, is just that: a render, and not an official one, so if Google is launching new smartwatches, it’s possible they won’t look like this.

Still, based on the information the publication was able to get, the renders articulate a pretty clear image of two distinct smartwatches. The bigger one is codenamed Angelfish, which is pictured on the left. That particular watch is said to be 14mm thick, and have a diameter of 43.5mm. It’s the bigger model of the pair, and is said to feature things like LTE connectivity, GPS, and even a heart rate monitor. It’s also supposedly not going to support Android Wear’s MODE straps, so customization won’t be possible with that method.

The smaller of the two, codenamed Swordfish, features a smaller physical button on the side, and a smaller casing measured in at 10.6mm thick and a 42mm diameter. The bezel is said to be black and go all around the display, which could be a way to avoid the “flat tire” design that’s been present on other Android Wear devices.

Still, as it stands there’s not a lot of information regarding the upcoming Android Wear smartwatches. Based on these designs, do you hope Google’s putting together their own wearables?

[via Android Police]