HTC hints at the ‘Power of 10’ in new teaser for One M10

BY Evan Selleck

Published 24 Feb 2016

HTC M10 teaser

The HTC One M10 hasn’t been making the rounds from the Rumor Mill as often as other devices before they were officially unveiled, but HTC is hoping to coax some interest anyway.

Via HTC’s official Twitter account, the above image was posted. As is par for the course these days, there’s the standard hashtag, in this case “#powerof10,” and the outline of what will probably be the One M10 at some point in the near future. There isn’t a lot going on here, save for the silhouette of what looks to be a sleek device, but it’s just a tease, after all.

Still, HTC is hopefully going to come out swinging when they announce the One M10, so they can compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5, both of which are high-end and noteworthy devices.

Are you looking forward to seeing what HTC has in store?

[via @HTC]