You owe it to yourself to read Brian Klug’s review of the HTC One

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 8 Apr 2013

I bought a new phone less than two months ago, so I’m not in the market for a new one, but that still hasn’t stopped me from reading Brian Klug’s absolutely perfect review of the HTC One. Calling it a review would actually do it a disservice. He goes through just about every tiny little thing that makes the device special.

Now it’s long, so I’m warning you now, but thankfully it’s separated into 17 clearly labeled sections. I admit, the first thing I did was skip ahead and read the last page, but then I decided, to the disappointment of my significant other, to spend a good hour or so of my weekend reading the entire piece.

The HTC One is a great phone, and my good friend James Whatley recently purchased one, but it’s just not for me. My Galaxy Note II has me 100% convinced that I need to have a phone with a large screen. HTC’s 4.7 inch 1080p panel may be pretty, but it’s in a phone that’s pretty much the same size as the GS4, and the GS4 has a 5 inch panel, so it’s automatically better in my eyes.

There’s also the whole removable battery and microSD card thing, which you may or may not care about, but for me it’s just that tiny bit extra to drive me into one camp versus another.

Update: One more thing, if you’re on Twitter, make sure you follow Brian (@NerdTalker).