HTC executive says ‘unrealistic’ to expect monthly security updates

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Oct 2015


The Stagefright exploit led Google, Samsung and even LG to promise that it would roll out monthly security software updates for their devices. Now, HTC America’s President Jason Mackenzie has tweeted that it is “unrealistic” for the company to guarantee roll out of monthly security updates for its devices.

This does not mean that HTC will not push for monthly roll out of security updates for its devices though. Mackenzie says that while the company will push for them, it is simply unrealistic to guarantee that they will be able to do so every month.

The executive puts the blame on carriers in the United States that make it notoriously tough to roll out updates to their devices. Considering that U.S. carriers have long been known for intentionally slowing down roll out of updates for their devices, this should not really come as a surprise.

Even though Mackenzie is talking about carrier branded devices, he does mention whether HTC plans on rolling out monthly security updates for its unlocked devices or not.

[Via GSMArena]