HQ Trivia Set to Launch for Android on January 1

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Dec 2017

HQ Trivia is a ridiculously popular game that’s only available on iOS right now, but that will be changing next week.

Previously, it was reported that HQ Trivia was planning on launching its popular game on the Android mobile operating system on Christmas, and it looks like the company technically achieved that milestone. As it stands right now, HQ Trivia is in a “limited beta,” which means that only a small number of players are trying out the title right now, aiming to squash bugs and iron out all the kinks ahead of a public launch.

As for when the public will be able to get their fingers on HQ Trivia, the company is currently aiming for a public launch on Monday, January 1. Once the game arrives, it looks like it will have the same schedule it does right now on iOS, meaning you will need to tune in at 3:00 PM ET on weekdays, or 9:00 PM ET every day of the week to tune in and play.

HQ Trivia is a live trivia game where players go head-to-head with others around the globe, thanks to the aforementioned time periods. The main pull of the game is the fact players can win cash prizes if they make it through enough rounds and answer questions correctly. One wrong answer and you’re out until the next game starts, though.

HQ Trivia is a very popular title on iOS, and it stands to reason it will remain that way when it has its public launch on Android early next year.

Are you looking forward to playing it?

[via @hqtrivia]