Laptop Mag: The display Samsung put in the GS4 is brighter than the GS3 and Note II

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 17 Mar 2013

Daniel Howley from LAPTOP Magazine recently got a chance to run some benchmarks on a pre-production Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m not going to share the results with you since the device isn’t final yet, but I will share some of Daniel’s other findings. He cranked the display brightness to maximum on the GS4 and saw how it compared to Samsung’s GS3 and Note II.

Here are the results: GS3: 213 lux. Note II: 240 lux. GS4: 258 lux.

As someone who owns a Note II, I’m excited by this, but Daniel does point out that some smartphones spit out as much as 399 lux. There’s also the question of AMOLED versus LCD. Both technologies have their respective fanbois and haters, but for most people it comes down to what the device as a whole can deliver.

I love my Note II’s massive 5.5 inch display, but man, sometimes I look at my girlfriend’s iPad mini and think to myself that I’m getting cheated when it comes to color reproduction. Where AMOLED shines is power consumption, but even that’s a dubious assessment since AMOLED screens consume an incredibly amount of energy to display to the the color white.

Like they say, pick your poison.

[Image Credit: The Verge]