Videos: Here are what Samsung’s official Galaxy S4 cases look like in the real world

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 15 Apr 2013

When I spent 2.5 months exploring South East Asia earlier this year, one thing that quickly became apparent, regardless of the country I happened to be in, was that mobile phone accessories are a big deal. You couldn’t walk more than a city block without running into a street vendor selling silicon cases or imitation Beats headphones.

It makes sense when you think about it. When you’re in a city of 8+ million people, and everyone has a Galaxy S3 or an iPhone, you want to stand out somehow. As for me, I buy cases because of the protection they offer. Back in 2010, when I bought an iPhone 4, it took me less than a week to crack the back. The day that happened I bought a sleeve from my local store.

Now some people are very particular about the accessories they buy for their gadgets. They want to own only officially sanctioned products. And so, thanks to the Ukrainian website Rozetka, here are three videos showing off the official cases for Samsung’s upcoming GS4.

Starting with my favorite, it’s called the “S View Cover”. What’s so special about it? There’s a little window that shows the date, time, and any relevant notifications. And when you open the case, boom, the phone unlocks itself.

Next up is the “Flip Cover”. You’ve probably seen a version of this for the GS3 or the Note II. I personally own an orange flip cover for my second generation Note.

And finally there’s the “Protective Cover+”, which I wouldn’t recommend since it doesn’t protect the most expensive part of the phone, the screen.

All of these will probably cost double or triple the price of an equivalent third party solution, but like I said, some people just can’t stand the thought of buying an accessory that wasn’t made by whoever manufactured their favorite toys.